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    Apr 19, 2008
    (UK) O2 have billed me after only six days.
    I wasn’t quite sure where this thread would go, so feel free to move it.

    As you guessed by the title, O2 have billed me for £46.50 (£39.58 without VAT) already – apparently there’s something I missed in the print of the contract that says you get automatically billed for one month early.

    Call me nuts, but I kind of feel this is money grabbing.

    Anyone else from the UK receive a bill this morning? When I asked a friend I was told that “Oh companies are doing this now” – I don’t get that, are we just allowing this suddenly as though it’s common fair practice?

    Not amused.

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    Yeah, when I picked up my original iphone last November I was billed within a week of activating the phone.

    2.16Ghz Macbook 2Gb RAM 120Gb HDD

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    Yup, I got mine the other day.

    Orange never did this with me and I was with them til last week.

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    I got mine on the Friday morning before my phone arrived !!

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