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    Lightbulb An idea about iWork for the Touch and iPhone
    From what I've been able to understand from looking around the web, the main setback for any sort of iWork or even s Office apps on the touch or iphone is the lack of a way to save the files in a regular filesystem or finder type interface. So my idea would be to have the app, for example "Pages for iPhone and iPod Touch 08" to have a gallery view that when you launch the app would be able to display the files in it. these files would be a file inside the app and could then be uploaded to computers to be printed, viewed and edited as normal Pages files. It would be really wonderful to be able to send the files around over wifi or bluetooth for the iphone. Oh and umm cut and paste would need to be added to the devices for Pages to work..... Maybe a new gesture that would be able to do it? Ok so what do you think?

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    Mariner Calc is releasing a spredsheet program for the iphone/touch so just wait and see how they do it...

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    To me until Word Processing is incorporated into the iPhone i don't see why everyones so hyped up about cut/copy and paste.

    The biggy for me is turn by turn directions now that would be something.
    -Zach, A.C.T.

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