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Thread: 3G iPhone and AT&T

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    Question 3G iPhone and AT&T
    I just read this on engadget (originally from another site):
    "Here's how the costs break down: For the old iPhone, AT&T's cheapest unlimited-data plan went for $59.99 a month. Over 24 months, that was $1,439.76. Add in the $399 price of the phone and you were looking at $1,838.76 for two years of iPhone fun.

    AT&T's new unlimited-data plan goes for $69.99 ($30 for data and $39.99 for its cheapest voice plan). For two years, that's $1,679.76, and then you've got the $199 phone -- a grand total of $1,878.76 for the iPhone over two years. So much for more affordable."

    Here's my question, if I am going to be attached to someone elses plan, is it possible to use combined minutes between 2 phones (1 iPhone) and have just the data plan added on for me? (an additional $30).

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    it was possible before.

    if you had a family plan you can add iphone service for $20 a month. i would imagine that the the new iphone plans will be available as an add on to a family plan

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    Yeah that will be most likely. We have 5 iPhone all on one family plan.

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    Sweet, thanks for the info
    I think they have upped it from $20 to $30, but no big deal, I can handle the extra $10 for 3G speeds.

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