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Thread: Out of Town on Monday and want the 2.0 Update - Dohh..

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    Out of Town on Monday and want the 2.0 Update - Dohh..
    We I will be out of town this Monday, when the expected 3G iphone will be announced and when the expect 2.o firmware should be available- and I will be away from my home computer for a week. If it does deploy next week, I really want to get it on my iPhone, but I sync Calendars and contacts to my iPhone from Outlook on my home PC, and need to keep all of them in the phone next week. Historically, when you flash the firmware on the iPhone, everything gets erased. I would just install iTunes on my laptop and do the update (if it is coming out), but I would loose all of the data. How should I go about resyncing my COntacts and Calendars to my iPhone if I do this update on the road? When I get home from my trip, I will most likely reset the iPhone so nothing conflicts with Outlook at home I guess.

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    It will ask you if you want to sync contact, merge erase and replace or just replace. At least on my Mac. But yeah try it today or tomorrow and see how it goes. That way you can see if it works so you can do it or not.

    let us know how it goes

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