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    Favorite iPhone app....?
    Here are the rules for this thread you can only give one answer for each question. Thats is it!
    Here are the questions:

    #1-What is your favorite app on iPhone(can be from the internet or built onto the iPhone).
    #2-If you could have one new app right now what would it be?
    #3-On a scale of 1-10 what do you rate your iphone
    #4-Is there anything you though when buying the iPhone would be amazing but turned out not to be?
    #5-Will you buy a 3g iPhone when the come available?

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    1. The "phone" part ; )
    2. Some sweet games
    3. 11
    4. Not really...?
    5. Depends on the price difference and how much faster it actually is.

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    #1- Tris, a beautiful touch tetris clone
    #2- Skype maybe?
    #3- 9
    #4- Hmm, trying really hard to think of something... I guess I thought I'd use it to surf the web more, but I do use it a fair amount.
    #5- Not immediately, but if I had an opportunity and a bit of extra cash I might.

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    For me, it is the iPod part. I love having an iPod with me at all times. I always carry my cellphone with me (i.e. my iPhone) and thus I always have my iPod with me. This is exceptionally useful when flying, which inevitably involves lots of "dead time".
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    I hope to buy one when they have a 3G version. It is my hope that version will improve the antenna as well. The iPhone seems to have a terrible reception issue with it's built in antenna and my signal always sucks.

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    #1-For me it has to be TouchPad The fact I can remotely control my MacBook over a wireless network is useful and cool (and quite fun if someone else is using your laptop!)

    #2-Agree that Skype would be good, and some better games.


    #4-I feel a little let down by the speakers on the phone, when playing music without the headphones the quality is poor and very quiet. I even miss calls because the thing doesnt ring loudly enough or vibrate enough. Stuff I'd like to see in the next iPhone: Decent speakers, built-in GPS and dual Sim cards

    #5-Probably not, I use Wireless when I'm at home or in the office and 2G seems to suffice when checking emails or visiting websites for sports updates, etc, when on the go
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    1. - Storyz
    2. - free voice dial
    3. - 4
    4. - yes, battery doesn't last as much as i expected
    5. - it depends on the prize

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