Hi. I am trying to network together my macs using a U.S.Robotics 9003 router.

I have a Mac Mini (PPC, G4, 1.33Ghz, 1Gb RAM, 60Gb HD) plugged into Ethernet port 1. I have a IBook Clamshell Graphite (455Mhz, 192Mb Ram, 6Gb HD) plugged into Ethernet port 2 on the router.

The clamshell is sharing it's internet connection using it's airport card (802.11b) with my Powerbook (12", 1Ghz, 512Mb RAM, 60Gb HD).

This setup worked fine when it came to connecting various terminals to each other using "Go - Connect to server". I would get an icon of the remote Hard disk and I could use it as if it were in my terminal.

I have now bought a Powermac AGP (350Mhz, 750Mb RAM, 10Gb HD) with the intention of upgrading it slightly and using it a my central file server, from which my Mac mini will wirelessly grab films and play on the main TV screen, as well as being extra storage for the laptops. The AGP runs os 9.2.2 and has a usb driver for the router. The AGP is plugged into the USB port on the router.

Here's the problem......

I can connect to the AGP from the Mac mini. I type in the IP address for the AGP having checked it is the correct IP address in the system profiler on the AGP. On the screen for the mac mini I get a window asking for a user name and password. i complete the required fields and click connect. The AGP's hard disk appears in the left hand side of my finder window under the Mac mini HD icon. On the file sharing window on the AGP, my name appears in the shared user window. File sharing on ALL the computers is switched on.

All is well...... and then the spinning wheel appears on the mac mini.......the name disapears from the AGP's file sharing window.....the AGP's Hard disk icon disappears from the mac mini finder window.... a message appears saying "file server has unexpectedly closed".

I had tried to connect the AGP and mini previously when the AGP was running os 9.0.4 with the same results. I then read that os 9.2.2 would solve the problem. It hasn't.

Do I need a Sonnet 1.8Ghz CPU upgrade and os tiger on the AGP to solve this or is it a software problem only?

Could there be a problem with using the USB port on the router and/or the usb driver on the AGP?

Does information pass between the ethernet ports and the USB port in the same way as it does from ethernet 1 port to ethernet port 2?

Is there a nice networking program I can use to solve all my problems? If so why can't finder do the connecting any more?

Although taxing, this project is proving to be thoroughly stimulating and rewarding.

Any help would be much appreciated.