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    Feb 25, 2008
    USB wireless adapter - working, but not working!
    I have read quite a few posts about problems connecting to the internet via USB adapters - and have followed tips on IP addresses etc - but still can't get online wirelessly. Can anyone help?

    My Airport card had stopped working so I bought a PlusCom 54Mbps Wireless USB adapter. It states that it is Mac OSX compatible (I run 10.3.9).

    At first the Network Preferences said my computer had a self-assigned IP address, so I connected manually with the following settings:

    IP address -

    Subnet Mask -

    Router -

    DNS Servers - and

    This seemed to have sorted out the problem as the Network Status shows a green light for internet connection and states I am connected.

    Also, the W-LAN utility that came with the USB adapter shows a strong signal.

    My Internet Connect utility says I am connected via Ethernet (en2).

    But Safari and Firefox cannot load pages, and when I tried to ping a website, I got 'unknown host' results.

    How can I convince Safari and Firefox that the internet connection is there?

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    Sep 28, 2011
    i also have one of these i was given and i have not found drivers that work.
    they install, but ralink sware doenst show the card, and not in network properties.
    in usb devices it is shown as a wlan 54 card so it knows what it is..

    how did you get that far with yours?

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    Change your DNS severs to google public DNS: and Right now your computer thinks your router is the DNS that is mapping domains to ip addresses.
    Blair Technology Group - Mac System Administrator

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    What driver did you use? I can't even get the dongle to show in network properties or in the ralink software.

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