I have setup my Airport to talk to Comcast and my iBook. Hexley is what I
named my wireless connection. It works great! Now I have to connect this HP all-in-one up and according to the manual there are various ways to do this. I would like to set the hp psc 2500 series up in 'Infrastructure' mode.
(share printer wirelessly with my iBook and other computers ie future windows & linux, and G5 PowerMac computers) The manual indicates I need to first setup an Ad Hoc network. The first time I tried this I lost my internet connection until could re configure my Airport. Well I don't want to do that again. So if any one has some experiance in setting up a so called
ad-hoc network so I can then try plugging in the ethernet cable from the printer to the Airport and try again to get the "Infrastructure" wireless network to work, Please help me. I'd be most grateful.
Thank you,