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    airport error - tried for 6 hours to join wireless
    Massive problem - been on the phone for 6 hours to Verizon, then to Dlink, then back to Verizon, back to dlink, 2 more times each, 6 hours total - I have a westel 6500 modem from Verizon, I have a new dlink xtreme N wireless router - DIR-655...I have mac OS X4.11, airport - powerbook G4

    Through it all, it seems that the dlink and Verizon modem will connect through ethernet cable, and the router sends out a signal, Airport picks up my wireless name/network but when I try to join it, airport always gives me error message, saying there was an error trying to join, and that's all it says...


    Frustrating with a capital F



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    I feel your pain.. (been there before)
    Can you check the logs in Console? (applications/utilities) It may be more descriptive...
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    To use that Westel modem with your external Dlink router, the Westel has to be set for Bridged mode. Otherwise you are running 2 routers. From my searching in Google that Westel 6500 it's a Modem/router.

    This URL will help if that is your issue.

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    Thank you both for your help - I am going to try the westel instructions right now - I told this to Verizon, about the bridged business, but they said doesn't matter! I will try...

    and report back - thanks


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    No go - hour on phone with Verizon, tried the above web link - sending this dlink router back, not because it doesn't work, but it simply will not work with my airport - guess I'm going wired...


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