Hey guys,

I have an issue that is boggling me. I have a 15" powerbook and have the general DHCP configuration set up for my airport. I have no issues connecting to my home network, but I can't connect to the school network. (I could in the past, but not for the past 3 weeks. Non-Mac users are able to connect so I know that the connection to the internet is active.)

When at school, airport will see the network and connect, but cannot make a connection to the internet. I've tried different configurations, but with no success. I'm not seeing any errors, the only message I see is under System Preferences>Network>Airport. When connected at school the status says that the IP address has been assigned by the Mac and may not connect to the internet. I've tried releasing and renewing the lease with no luck. Enough of my diatribe, does this ring a bell with anyone? Anyway to fix this? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!