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Thread: Airport Card Not Found - iBook G4

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    Airport Card Not Found - iBook G4
    I've been looking around using search and just can't quite find help with my problem....however people have said that I'm a bit impatient, so sorry if this question has already bee addressed.

    About a year ago I bought a used iBook G4 14.1in. 933mzh 265mb RAM.

    This was a purchase for my wife, who up until now used the machine as a word processor - occasionally hooking it up to our DSL connection.

    When I made the purchase, I also bought an Airport Exrteme Card for it. It wasn't a priority and has basically sat around unused and un-installed until now.

    Now that the airport extreme card is installed it cannot be found by the system. The machine runs OS X 10.4.11

    When I look in network preferences Airport is turned off and cannot be accessed (it is greyed out).

    I've run the airport setup assistant and it will not let me proceed due to "Card Not Found".

    Any advice?

    The card seems to be seated properly.

    My MacBook's airport card works amazing - so it shouldn't be a network problem. (?)

    Any help is much appreciated - thanks in advance.

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    The only thing that comes to mind is that somehow the card is not plugged in correctly. Are you sure it is?

    Did you get the Airport Extreme card new or used? Are you sure the AE Card works? Be sure that when you installed no pins bent.

    I have never installed an Airport Extreme card, just an older Airport, so not sure if it uses Pins or contacts.

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    I bought the card from compusa - but it could have been a customer return - the packaging was opened and re-sealed.

    The Airport Extreme Card uses contacts. Everything clicks into place and appears to be seated correctly.

    I'll try a different card and see if that works. Thank you for the help.

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    Hi , I am having same issue with brand new ae card purchased from apple store.

    Only difference is mine is an emac.

    Was wondering if you ever got answer.


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    Thumbs up "No Airport Card Found" issue fixed!
    I know that this is an old thread, but I'll weigh in anyway:

    'Vintage' G3 466 Clamshell running OS X 10.4.11 with OEM Airport card (a true workhorse/beater that gets attention where ever I go).
    One day when on the local ice rink's WiFi I completely lost my Airport icon. When I searched for it in System Profiler/Network/Airport Card it said something like "Hardware not found" - or "none". Basically the system wasn't seeing the card. I assumed hardware issue, powered down and unplugged/unseated then replugged/reseated the card. Powered up and still nothing.
    I took the card out and tried it in another Clamshell. It worked fine. Not much else I could check from a hardware standpoint (bad logic board, etc)
    So I tried what I could from a software standpoint. Repaired preferences, reset PRAM, pulled the battery & reinstalled, even uninstalled an airport component .kext kernel extension in the OS that supposedly corrects this issue.....all to no avail.
    Since I don't have the OS X 10.4 discs anymore, I couldn't do a clean install.
    So I figured I'd live with no wireless connectivity. Since this is basically my iTunes music server, I started to miss this Clamshell on my network.
    Then I decided to buy a Mac compatible wireless network adapter: the Airlink 101 (AWLL6075). Less than $20 on Amazon, IIRC. A tiny little Wireless N adapter. The installation instructions were pretty straight forward, but it wouldn't fully install - I'm guessing because this iBook isn't wireless N compatible.
    Anyway, I couldn't get through the install, but an amazing thing happened: my Airport card is back!
    This isn't coincidental. Something became reconfigured/repaired in the Airport system settings when I partially installed this adapter. The adapter doesn't need to be plugged in and I'm back at my Automatic network settings. The Airport works as it did when all was well. It's possible that simply installing the driver for this adapter did the trick. I don't know.
    What I do know is that my Airport is back to normal and I have a little network adapter that could be used in a newer Mac or PC sometime down the road.

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