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    iBook G3 w/AirPort can't connect to existing AirPort Extreme network
    Hey, all. I just acquired an iBook G3 (128MB RAM/500Mhz/OSX 10.2.8) from my sister in law and I'm trying to get it to use my existing AirPort Extreme network (which I use with my iBook G4). The G3 has an older (802.11b) AirPort card, but my base station is setup for b/g accessiblity. The network shows up in the AirPort menu; the problem is that when I try to connect with the base and it asks for a password, I get "There was an error joining the selected AirPort network."

    If I try to hook up using AirPort Setup Assistant, I get an "incorrect password" error.

    Any help at all would be great. Thanks.

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    Nothing? Awesome.

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    How do you have the Airport Extreme set up? What kind of Password? Are you using WEP, WPA? Makes a difference. If you are running WPA encryption, the older OS and Airport cards will only work with WEP. That might be the issue.

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    Well, they took it away from me before I could get it sorted. I had only enough time to drop in the extra RAM. Thanks for the help, though. I'll refer back if/when the iBook returns to my place.

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    OK I believe I am having the same issue, have you got your airport card joining the wireless net yet? I had both of these error messages and what I need to know is how do I tell what kind of incryption the router has on it ? I.e wep/wpa etc? Gut tells me it's wep encryption in which case I don't know what I need to do to get my ibook g3 10.2.8 to onto the wireless net

    Please help!

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    the airport extreme security can be set to WPA2 or WPA/WPA2. The former is active by default; using the airport utility change this setting to the latter and the G3 iBook will work with your network.

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