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    modifying the IP address
    long story short, I'm an idiot.

    I registered to a downloading site with a fake email...but to my surprise the site acquired my IP address and there is no way to delete my account. I'm not an active user in that I don't upload/download, however the idea of knowing my IP is floating on their server is a bit unnerving. Any ideas about changing, modifying, or scrambling my IP so that my computer is not susceptible to outsiders or tracing.

    any input would definitely be appreciated


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    Everywhere you go on the internet knows your IP. They will retain it in their logs as long as they choose to. Just like the cable company knows what you are watching, and the phone company knows who you're calling.

    Feel free to unplug from the Matrix and fight the agents though,...really.

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    You could use a proxy to obfuscate your IP address. Otherwise like MacsWork stated - your IP address is never hidden, that is unless you've taken actions to hide it. Just to prove it I wrote a quick .php script that will show how easy it is to obtain your http refer data stream. Click on the link and see: --==click here==--

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