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    So I have some networking questions.

    I am using an old PPC iBook, and my GF and just gotten a Dell laptop with vista. I also have an airport extreme with a couple external hard drives connected via the USB. So on to my two questions.

    1. How do I set up the hard drives so she can connect to them wirelessly?(I already can on my mac)?

    2. My connect seems to be slow with the hard drives. When I try to upload something I am getting about 500 k/s, where as when its connected directly to the comp I can get 4 Mb/s. Is this what is should be or have I just screwed up the settings?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks so very much.

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    I'm not really familiar with the Airport Extreme, so I'll let somebody else handle that.

    As for the connection speeds, it has to do with the fact that wireless transfers a lot slower than a wired connection, even more so when your iBook only has an 802.11b/g connection. If you had a newer Mac with 802.11n, you would see remarkably faster transfer speeds.

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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I know I would be better off if I had the n connection, but I just wanted to make sure that I was getting the most out of my system.

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