I've got two Windows machines which my new Macbook is able to access via an 802.11g access point, one of them runs Vista Ultimate x32 and the other runs XP Pro SP2. I have some stuff shared (read/write) on each, on NTFS drives, not requiring authentication. No firewall is enabled on the Windows machines OR the Macbook.

I am able to access the shares on the Windows machines perfectly from each other. I am also able to access the share on the Vista machine from the Macbook.

My problem is that I'm not able to access the share on the XP machine from the Macbook.

I use the same settings to connect, entering my name as the user and no password but it doesn't work, just saying the connection failed. I have tried entering the Windows username and password with no luck, also entering just the Windows username and just the password individually.

Can anyone help me figure out why I can't access the share on the XP machine? I can ping it just fine.

Bonus question: when I ping machines it keeps doing it. On linux or Windows I'd press ctrl-C to halt it, what do I press on a Mac?