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    Macbook causing router/internet problems with other laptops
    I'm new to mac and the forums , so hi everyone.
    I recently was given a new macbook 2.2ghz, 160gb white with Leopard loaded on it, I think it's OSX 10.5.1 or something and everything works pretty good, it's quick to load and shutdown no lag but i have one problem and the problem is that when i'm on the internet with my macbook, it will always cause the network to drop out whilst another laptop (Compaq, ibm laptops that my family has) is using the wireless internet.

    But the non mac laptops when running together have no problems. It is only when my macbook is turned on and i go on the internet that it drops out, sometimes it comes back (but it's really slow) or it never comes back again.
    I have a netgear WGT624 router.
    My router can sometimes drop out on its own, but this happens all the time when my macbook is turned on with other laptops, but it also doesn't seem to happen very often when the macbook is on just by itself.

    Can anyone advise me?

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    I say... as long as yours is okay... its everyone else who has the problem

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    is everyone using the same standard? A/B/G ? or people using diff ones?

    have you looked for new firmware for your router?

    what about encryption? is anyone else using any P2P software while this happens, P2P tends to kill alot of routers due to the many many connections made at once.

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    I have that same Netgear WGT624 that I use as a WAP. Never had any issues with it and sometimes I have 2-4 Macs and 2 Windows Laptops (IBM and Compaq) all on at the same time and they all work great. When the Windows machines drop out does anything pop up saying that their IP address was taken by another system? Just curious as I have seen that with some routers on networks I have worked with.

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    When i go on the internet too, it seems to effect everyone on the laptops.
    We use wpa i think.
    I think i'll see if i can find new firmware, thanks.
    But about p2p software, it seems to occur sometimes a few minutes after myy macbook is turned on and onto the internet whilst the other laptop has been on just browsing web pages.
    I may think it might be the routers problem now but is there a way to check if it is the router thats causing problems?

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