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    connected to network but not connected to the internet
    Dear all!

    Im having a lot of problems with wireless network.
    I use a MacBook with Leopard.

    First of all: i am able to see and connect to most networks, however sometimes i am not! In this case i am not.

    I do have the wep code and i am able to see the network in my network list.
    When i enter the code i am connected to the network (this was before i installed leopard note even possible, it kept telling me `error with connecting to the network`)

    No i am connected and have full connection, i try to access the internet with safari and firefox BUT it keeps telling me that i am NOT connected to the internet and therefore i cannot visit websites or use msn, etc....


    Can someone please help me!!??


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    i use wpa personal had problems with wep plus wpa is more secure.

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    Try going to network in system preferences, click on your wireless connection on the left. Click on advanced, then DNS. Add your ISP's IP address in the DNS window. You will probably have 2 DNS addresses showing when you do this. The other should be your router's IP address. After a week of fooling with it, that worked for me. Let me know if it worked.

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