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    Cannot find ANY server/website. Can use google though???!!! HELP NEED IT FOR WORK!!
    alright im at a retail show and there is free WIFI available. I need to download my cataloge from my server but I cant get onto any website.

    EXCEPT google... i can search but cannot enter any site i search.
    and is my home page and that works too (but with some images and links not working though)

    THis is absolutely annoying and costing my customers thier virtual cataloge.

    I am connected to the internet, when running network diagnostics i have all green lights....
    exact error message i get...

    "Safari can't find the server.

    Safari can't open the page "www.****.com" because it cant find the server
    "www.*****.com". "

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    It sounds as though the wifi connection you're using might restrict access to the web to certain sites.

    Can you google a free proxy server that you can connect to?

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