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    Trying to get webcam working with aMSN
    Wife received an iMac all-in-one for Christmas. Wife was previously was a Windows user and seeks to maintain the functionality she had with Windows, within reason.

    We are trying to get the built-in camera to work as a webcam during chat sessions while communicating with MSN subscribers. First disappointment was that MSN on the Mac does not support webcam (?). OK. Downloaded and installed aMSN, which advertises webcam support.

    The iMac system is connected to a router, which router is connected to other systems (not iMacs) and the high speed internet connection on the other side.

    Issue is this: when the iMac and the other system are on the same side of the router, webcam connects and images are transmitted just fine. This is ironic, as the users could just go to the same room in the building and chat with/look at each other.

    However, when the other system (Windows/MSN) is on the outside of the router, for example, across the internet, the request to connect happens and is apparently acknowledged, but the other system's window shows no video - just a white blank window. If the other system's user tries to start a video conversation with the iMac, everybody's web cam signal stops. Contemporaneously, both ends, the iMac and the other system, display extremely stupid messages concerning who is trying to start or stop what, or do what to whom, including duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate and so on messages. The other (Windows) system across the internet can send web cam to the iMac, but the iMac cannot send to the Windows system.

    And yes, ports 6890 through 6900 are enabled on the router.

    Does anyone know what is the problem? Thank you in advance and thanks for reading such a long-winded post.

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    NOTE: Networking issue rather than an iMac one. Moving thread.
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    Hey, I wish I could help you with that one. I have the same Imac and I can`t even find the settings section in the preferences. My cam just stopped working with messenger all of a sudden. It starts to work and than disconnects. Any idea why ?

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    pay as you go question
    Does anyone know which company offers the cheapest pay as you go mobile deals these days?



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