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    Mac to Windows networking with a password protected hidden windows share
    I have a hidden windows share (it has a $ sign at the end of it). To view/modify the contents of the share you must be connected as a certain user. My brother would like to connect to this share with his Mac, but we can't figure out how to specify a user name and password when connecting.

    If he goes to Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server to get to the "Connect to Server" dialog box, then he is able to type in the share name, and it will connect, but he will not have the appropriate permissions because he never had the option of specifying a user name and password.

    If he goes to Finder -> Network and selects the computer to connect to, then he is given a list of shares to select from. He is able to specify a user name and password at this dialog, but the share will not show up because it is hidden.

    How is it possible to specify a user name and password while connecting to a hidden windows share from a Mac? He is running Tiger (10.4).

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    No one has any idea??

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    *Moved thread to proper forum - Question on networking*

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    It's ok if the mac just can't do this, but I'd like to know either way. Having no response is just not any fun.

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    If the folder does not have a security on it, and it's just hidden you should just be able to connect via SMB://FULL_PATH to the FOLDER location. Because it's hidden it likely will not show up in the list of available share drives.

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    I read ur thread and was thinking, I had the same problem. OK so I was kinda new to the mac world so...

    My mini setup/network:

    vista32 PC----power inline----MB

    So at first I create a standard network share and a standard user account on the PC. I got the MB to connect to it via finder. When I initially connected to the share it asked for a username and password (configured the PC share to only allow one single user with 3 sessions). The MB also asked if I wanted to store this password in iCHAIN, I said No as I was testing this all out.

    Once I knew my network settings, etc were all solid I then created another share for the same folder on the PC but this time used the $ to create a hidden share. I then entered this into the MB and for some reason it would not connect. I then connected to the my non-hidden share and stored the username and password this time in iCHAIN, also I had given the new user account I create on the PC admin rights as I wanted to be able to delete files for this share.

    Went back on the MB and connected again to the hidden share, this time it connected without asking for username/password and not had any problems since with the actual setup, etc until I changed the inline power plugs for the airport extreme:-|

    Currently in my mini-share network I have MBP/MB/iMAC 20" all connecting to the same hidden share with no problems, all with different accounts, etc when logging into the PC.

    Hope that helps:-)

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    Thanks, I'll try this out when my brother gets home from work.

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