I have an iMac running OS X 10.2.8. I just switched from cable internet to dsl. After a rather lengthy setup with help from the ISP I got it working...for about 2 min. Then I lost my connection. The person I was talking to from the ISP was unfamiliar with Macs and sent a technician over to check the lines and the modem. When he plugged the modem into his computer it worked fine, and his diagnostics showed no problems, however as soon as it was plugged back into my computer it wouldn't work. He was unfamiliar with Macs and suggested I take my problem to a mac expert.

Randomly I seem to be able to get a connection, however I lose it after using it for a couple minutes.

When plugging the modem into my airport I can't get a connection at all. However, using the Airport Admin Utility I can see my airport and that the IP, Router and other information has switched from the old cable modem info to the new dsl info.

Anyone have any experience with similar problems, or any idea what I can do? Thanks in advance.