greetings. my macbookpro refuses to connect to the internet. the 2wire network shows up on the airport icon list but when i attempt to connect (with wpa password) i get a connection error message. 2wire *doesn't* show up in the internet connect window however, for whatever that's worth. here's the background:

have macbookpro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz, running os10.4.10. have att wireless (2wire6678 modem), desktop mac mini is connecting fine (it's running 10.3.9). have had mostly successful connection on macbookpro for many months, with occasional issues that are always resolved via long conversations with att tech--they usually end up giving me a new password after doing mysterious things while keeping me on hold forever. this last time the password status went from wep to wpa (and no other options come up for kind of password--wpa is the only option), the password they say should work doesn't, and they ended the call by telling me the problem is with mac software and not with them. i've tried the old password and the new, with and without the dollar sign. any clues out there?