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    Flashing Yellow Light
    my airport express is flashing yellow light. i have tried to open my airport utility and it says scanning for basestations..but it never finds mine which is plugged in right next to the computer. i have tried to reset my airport.. it doesnt work. i just moved into a new house and am trying to get wireless working. but for some reason it is being a pain. my internet is fine..the guys were just here today giving us a new modem.. they could not help me with my problem. please help. i am running an ibook with leopard.

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    Because of the new house/modem it is probably not finding the ip that it needs. Take a look here.

    Hope it helps.

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    unfortunately it doesnt help. problem number one...i cant do anything in my airport utililty because it opens up and scans and then doesnt find anything and asks to rescan. wont do anything else
    i also have an airport express not and extreme.

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