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Thread: Taking control of my PC

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    Pete McNeal
    Using an Ibook to control a PC
    I just purchased a new IBook 1.2 GHz. I have a wireless router and Iím trying to figure out how I can use my old PC as basically a secondary hard drive. Iíve done quite a bit of research, and figure I can use RDC from Microsoft, but Iím not quite sure of its full capabilities. For instance, when starting up the PC would I be able to see the start-up screen and what not?? Iím hoping to be able to just put the PC in a corner somewhere without the need of a screen, mouse and keyboard and then using the Mac to control it.

    Please, if you've used Remote Desktop Control on the Mac to control a PC let me know if you can see the start-up screen and all of that or if you can only log in once the computer is up.


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    hi, there is a programm called realVNC just search on google.

    this programm you have to install on the windows.

    then, download "chicken of the vnc" its a client.

    start it, enter the windows IP and control your win

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    .... while vnc is great, if you only want to use it as a hard drive... run an ftp server on it, leave it in the corner, and you have a file server.

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    You won't be able to do anything via your mac until the PC is actually started up and running as a remote desktop server. I don't think it has to be logged in, though.

    Set it up as a fileserver if all you want is to use it as a hard drive.
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