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Thread: Unable to perform speed tests

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    Unable to perform speed tests
    I have a MacBook (Intel) and I'm unable to complete the Sun Java plugin speed test on (or on any other site, SpeedTest.Net for eg, where download & upload speeds are tested). The download test starts and goes on well ('Receiving 100KB, 768KB & 1.5 MB of data') but things get stuck with the upload test-it never gets past 'Sending 50KB of data'. And yes, I checked the Java version on my MacBook through DSLReports and the version displayed was 1.5.3 and so that is not a problem.

    Also I'm unable to send emails (with / without attachments) from my mail server, although I can do it (again with / without attachments) through GMail.

    The speed tests get completed when I use the same DSL line & router for my WinXP laptop. I can also send emails (POP / SMTP & web interface) from this laptop.

    Infact, I could not even post this thread on this forum on the MacBook-am doing it on my WinXP machine.

    I have Leopard installed on my MacBook and I have updated it too. But these problems were prevalent even when I had Mac OS X 10.4.1 Tiger installed. What am I missing? Someone please help or offer suggestions.
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    Suresh Kumar

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    What router do you have? If you have security enabled, are you using WEP or WPA? Have you tried restarting your router after having purchased your Mac?

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