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    Question Prerequisites For SSH/FTP Adventure

    I have recently been trying to figure out how to connect my MBP (which I currently use at school) to my computer running Windows XP (which is at my house) remotely via ssh and ftp. I have been trying to figure it out with google, etc. but it's hard to find out which information to use considering I don't have access to the XP computer b/c I'm at school.

    I have been learning a lot of scattered information involving ssh, ftp, and Putty and I purchased $5.00 shell account with to use as practice since I don't know how to remotely connect to anyone's computer at school. I was wondering if anyone could help me put the pieces together. Here is essentially what I want to want to accomplish:

    - How to remotely connect to a friend's--with their consent of course--computer inside AND outside of my school's network via ssh or ftp.

    - How connect to my home network so that I may connect to my computer.

    - How to upload and download files to and from my computer at home.

    - Find out how I can use my shell account to accomplish the tasks above.

    I would prefer to use the terminal as my vehicle as opposed to a third party application.

    Any help on on these subjects would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi there, I know this is like a ridiculously late reply, but here goes. I have been trying to do the same but in reverse, accessing my Mac from a PC. I haven't yet succeeded but this site seems to have all you need. (I haven't succeeded because I haven't tried it all yet)

    Hope you have some luck, and if you have already got there, then please reply and let me know how it went and if there is anything else you discovered along the way.
    The guys round here really appreciate it if old threads get tied up with info to help anyone else who does a search.
    Good luck!

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