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    Lose internet with WEP Security
    Modem/router is connected to the PC. eMac runs wirelessly from that. Put a WEP password on the PC, but when I put it on the Mac, can't get internet. When I take security off, no problem. What do you think?

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    Macs tend to have a bit of a problem with WEP security. If you want to add a layer of protection, I would suggestion using WPA, not only for the Mac compatibility, but also because it's far more secure than WEP.

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    I'm with Kash on that one. I installed a new wireless modem with WPA today and works fine.
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    Sorry if I'm butting in but my problem is the reverse.

    WEP works fine with Mac but PC can't connect AirPort Extreme.

    Turn off security and everything is fine, except you need to reinitialize the connection every time (it won't auto-connect).

    edit: also I can't use WPA because none of the PC clients have it

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    Solved this problem. Upgraded firmware on modem/router to latest version. Even though modem/router not very old (less than a year), it was about 10 versions behind. Now have a secure wireless connection.

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