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    My MBP run webpages on safari faster than my iMac?
    I just got my 15.4" MBP yesterday, it is 2.6GHz with 4G RAM. I realized that it run webpages on safari slightly faster than my 2.8Ghz 4G RAM iMac. Why is it so? How can I make my iMac safari load webpage faster.

    I am using the same network line for both my iMac and MBP.

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    I also have a MBP and iMac...with the extreme base station set to N only. If you "alt click" the Airport icon in your upper taskbar you will find that the transmit rate is lower on the iMac than the MBP (at least it is for me anyway)

    iMac: Transmit rate 270 Mbit/s
    MBP: Transmit rate 300 Mbit/s

    The other way to check is open network utility/info and use the drop down menu "network interface en1"

    Anyone else have different numbers for N only?

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    IMO, the internet speed(loading content to the browser) depends also on the graphic card. Since they have different GCs, you may experience difference in speed.

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