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    Question vista to mac LOGIN!?
    Hi Guys,

    I have setup correct priveralages and settings from the mac for vista to do a \\ connection and for it to automatically load right away the public folder from vista, the issue is that i have setup a user account for a particular folder but vista does not bring up a login box to login to access the folder with the read/write priverlages. How do i get a login box to come up and then once logged in show the correct folder allocated!?

    I tried typing \\mac_ip\folder name it didnt like it. The strange thing is i typed in \\mac_ip\\Mac-Username and it brought up a login box but did not like the login password? Im confused, and really would like to see a particular shared folder on this mac from my vista pc, whats going on? How can i login with the correct shared rights from the visa box?

    Thank you!


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    try just \\mac.ip

    It should list all of the shares on the Mac. I don't know for sure, but the sharing feature in the Finder may only be for AFP not SMB which could be why vista pitched a fit. I know Sharepoints was broken by Leopard but I'd guess they are working on a 10.5 compatible version.

    You may also need to authenticate as machinename\username:password when the time comes.

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    Try this (of course, change the x to the proper IP and the SharedFolder to the proper Shared folder):


    Works for me.

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    thanks for your replies i have done the above i can see a public shared folder but its the authentication from vista which is the issue for the user 'Katie' to be able to see her shared folder which is 'music' there is no login box that comes up from vista for her to be able to login as herself is just giving her guest or default read priverlages? any ideas how she can authenticate to be able to see there share? thanks - SoLucky.

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