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    Internet Via VPN Questions...
    Greetings all,

    My travels have yet again placed me into a rather frustrating part of the world - technologically speaking...

    Here's the scoop: My internet connection works via VPN. I authenticate into the ISP's local network, and from there am able to catch a gateway to the larger net.

    Now, here's my main question: Does the Mac support connecting to a VPN without downloading any additional software.

    My secondary question is more general...Can connect to a clients' corporate VPN from within this VPN internet connection? According to the ISP, they say it should work "in theory." But they've proven to be idiots in the past, and I'm hoping you guys here might be able to offer a few second opinions. This would need to happen on a client provided Windows laptop...

    And thirdly, what do you guys think is the best way to share off a Mac-initiated VPN internet connection with a running virtual machine? Would it be better to bridge the connection and initiate a second VPN from within Windows (can this be done using the same network adapter?), or use OSX's built in Internet sharing option, or the VM's sharing option?

    I've found, in the past, that bridged connections work best (on traditional LANs) for me because it allows OSX to see the VM as any other server from which I can access web pages hosted on IIS...

    Anyway... Thanks in advance for reading all this, and for your opinions.


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