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    can you map an network "Windows" drive to a Mac?
    My entire home is rigged with multiple XP and Vista Ultimate machines sharing movies and music. I'd like to have the make be able map shared documents on the M$ systems to the make vice versa.

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    I have no issues here sharing from Windows to my Macs. Only with Vista will you have issues because they changed network setting in Vista. Easy to change back. I described how here on the forums. XP just works with Macs without one issue.

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    Does MAC have a concept of map-drive? I never came across it anywhere. If yes, how is it done?

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    I don't think you can map a drive like mapping is done in XP/Vista, but since in Leopard the shared PCs automatically appear in the finder sidebar, this is not really required...

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    Quote Originally Posted by smartyMAC View Post
    Does MAC have a concept of map-drive? I never came across it anywhere. If yes, how is it done?
    The concept of "mapping a drive" (or even drives at all) is mostly a DOS/Windows invention.

    Macs mount volumes, which may be hard disk drives, CDs/DVDs, network shares, flash devices, or whatever. Mounted volumes appear on the desktop when they're connected, and disappear when they're not connected.

    On a Mac, there is no way to have a "drive letter" assigned to a device that may or may not be connected.

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