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    Getting internet from one Mac to another...
    Ok well I just did a fresh install of Tiger on an older iMac G3. Well 10.4, iTunes, etc. need to be updated. I don't have an Air Port card for it, and I can't get an ethernet cord up there. I do however have an Air Port in my MacBook Pro. So is there a way for me to run an ethernet cord from my MacBook to my iMac? I tried it earlier without messing with any settings and it said something about my IP address was connected but might not be able to connect, and it couldn't. So is there some settings I can mess with to get this to work? Or do I just have to lug it downstairs and have a wired connection?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    system prefs> sharing> internet sharing. check internet sharing. share from your airport and check to ethernet.

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    Great. Thanks a lot man.

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