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    A Panicky Pyro
    I installed my airpost express card but...
    I only get 2 bars when I am in the same room as the base station... I am on a brand new (two day old) iBook G4 12-inch. I checked to make sure I had installed the card correctly, and I had. Does any one have any idea what the problem could be? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    I usually have 3 bars when I'm right next to the thing...

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    A Panicky Pyro
    Quote Originally Posted by Absolute Zero
    I usually have 3 bars when I'm right next to the thing...
    Really? Because my other family members usually get 4. I usually get between 1-3 (generally 2, but sometimes drops to 1 or goes to 3). The base station is at my feet. My dad gets full on his G4 power book and he is also in the same room as another base station. I don't know what to say myself.

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