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    any experience with parallels and verizon broadband access
    I just got a new usb broadband modem from verizon and i'm trying to get it to work with windows through works great through the mac side but it won't recognize that the device is plugged in on the windows side....has anyone had any experience with this?? any help or suggestions are much appreciated!

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    If you are getting your broadband from Verizon FIOS, then they should have provided you with a wireless router. They provided me with one, and my Parallels VM uses bridged networking to appear to the router as just another computer requesting an IP address via DHCP. It gets one, and my VM is another computer on my network with it's own IP, able to do all the networking just fine along with the other computers.

    Are you trying to get the VM to talk directly to your FIOS modem via USB? Not the most optimal solution, since it's far easier and more reliable to do the router/DHCP/virtual networking thing.

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