I have a MacBook version 10.4.10 when it is connected with cable
everything works properly but when it is connected with wireless the
itunes and the mail application crashes continuously when i am trying
to launch/execute/run any of them.
Also Safari does not work at all and firefox crashes as well.
I have noticed that if i turn the airport off and open the above
applications and then turn it back on, sometimes the applications work

In Apple store did not have a clue. They reboot it from external disk,
they tried to login with different user and finally they suggested me
to "archive and erase" but the problem still remains exactly the same.

Apple care send me links with software updates related with wireless
and operating system.i did everything but the problem still remains.
The last advise by Applecare was to format it without saving any of my
files.i haven t done it yet. Although, i was told that If it wont get
fixed in that way i might need to replace my wireless hardware.

From my point of view, i don t believe it is a hardware problem as the
wireless does not malfunction and it seems to be a Software conflict or
anything else apart from my hardware.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me as my laptop at this
period of time is very important for my personal working needs and i am
using wireless every day.

Thank you all and hope to find a solution.

Many thanks