Hi Guys,
I have just got a G3 B/W PowerMac so I'm a real newbie at this stuff although I have been using Windows based PCs for years.
My home network uses a US Robotics 9106 wireless router and one of my desktop PCs connects via a Belkin F5D7000 pci wireless card. It has worked fine for over 3 years. So, because the PC is being replaced by the Mac, I wanted to see if the Belkin card would work in the Mac.
I read this thread.....


..... which gives lots of info but because my version is 1133UK according to a label on the card, and not ver 1.00, ver 2.00 etc, the thread wasn't much use.
So, before I delve into the innards of my Mac (which in Stevespeak equates to, "Whooops, I broke it") has anyone got any clues as to if it will work or not?
The card has a Broadcom chipset and the Mac has OS 9.2.1 (for now) and 256 meg of RAM with another 256 on order.