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    Newbie question about web browsers
    Hi all,
    I have just (today) become the proud owner of a 27th hand, 11 on eBay, G3 PowerMac B/W. It's old, grotty, dented and generally beat up but it works fine as far as I can tell.
    I have it hooked up to a US Robotics 9106 router via an ethernet cable and after a bit of head scratching I got it to open web sites etc.
    The problem I am having is that the software version that is installed is OS 9.2.1. The web browser is Internet Explorer 5.5 and I see that IE has been ditched by Mac so there are no updates available.
    What does the forum consider to be the best browser, with tabbed windows if possible, to use on an older OS? I'll eventually get hold of Tiger or similar and go on to Safari.
    BTW, I looked at Mozilla but couldn't see a version that worked with my OS.
    On a seperate issue, is there a repository anywhere for Mac software that works on OS 9.2.1? All the sites I have seen demand OS X in various forms.
    Thanks Guys.

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    OK guys, just ignore this question 'cos I found the answer on another part of the forum.

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