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    Setting up 2 MACs with 1 Laserjet Printer

    I am jumping into something I shouldn't be trying but oh well. My problem is below. One thing I need to let everyone know is I am completely new to MACs and am trying to fix this problem for a small business. I only have experience with PC's windows based. (I know, I know) I don't know anything about where to find the settings for printers, IP address, MAC lingo or anything on a MAC. You can pretty much assume I've never used a MAC.

    Here are the specs.

    1 MAC with OS 9.1
    1 MAC with OS 9.0 or 9.1 ??
    1 HP Laserjet 5000n Printer
    1 DLink Hub

    When they attempt to print from the computers it gives them an error message saying that the "Printer Cannot be Found".

    What do I need to do in order to go into each computer and make sure the settings are correct? Is there anything I would need to check on the Laserjet settings?

    Is there a easy step by step guide I can read? I have searched google but a lot of the ones that I read have a PC involved. I need one for 2 MACS.

    Also, I remember from somewhere there was a website that had several screenshots of the different OS's. You could click on whatever you wanted and it would take you to another screen shot. It was almost like a simulator? Does anyone have links for something like this?

    I'm sorry for sounding so dumb, I want to learn about MACs and plan on doing but its hard when you don't have one.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    First off, MAC is an acronym for Media Access Control which is a sublayer of one of the layers of the OSI 7-layer model which describes how network protocols work.

    Mac is short for Macintosh.

    With that said - are you positive that these Macs are both running OS 9.x? OS 9 is ancient - like, Windows 98 ancient. Mac OS X (10), has been out since 2001. If this is true, chances are very good that there might not even be an available driver since OS 9 is hopelessly outdated.
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    Sorry about the abbreviation on Mac. Lol

    Yea they have OS 9.xx on them. There is a driver on HP's site for a driver.

    But my question is what settings do I need to check on a Mac to make sure everything is ok? Where are they at? What are they called? Where can I find this info at (guide anywhere on the net you have a link for?) I couldn't find any.

    I figured since this was a Mac forum someone might have some info on hand bookmarked or maybe just stored in their head? Kinda like I have alot of Windows settings, names of things, where things are located.


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