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Thread: AirPort Express HACKED!!!

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    The mac 13
    AirPort Express HACKED!!!
    now thats it here..,00.htm send yr comments..

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    err that's kinda worded wrong, first hacking is actually coding on a project like an opensource program where more than one person works on it, and this dvd jon guy appears to have only reverse engineered the software so that other companies could possibly make a clone product that an apple computer would recognize as an airport express. Note that none of the Airport Express's security has been compromised, I'd say thats a fair bit of media sensationalism...

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    why should Apple care? It's the same thing with Real Networks and the iPod. Consumers still have to buy the product from Apple, it should be up to them how and what they use it with.

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    It may result in some kind of legal issue with the record companies though... Trying to sue apple any chance they get!

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    omg su sad... su su sad...

    No really, woohoo! I can hook up my TV too my PowerBook, play a movie, and it will stream the sound!

    See, this isn't bad! It owns!

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