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    external hard drive: remote access?
    I am heading to the Netherlands to study next semester and I do not feel like dragging my external HD with me, but I want to be able to access the files on it. I do not have Leopard and will not be upgrading from mac OSX 10.3.9 any time soon. I am wondering if it is possible for me to access the hard drive remotely while I am abroad. Here is the equipment I have:

    -My PowerBook G4, which is coming abroad with me
    -One extra Mac Mini (I believe it runs the same OS)
    -One 300gb Lacie External Hard Drive

    Is this possible?

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    Yes it is possible with an internet connection to connect to your remote mac mini sharing an external HD, provided the internet connection of where your connecting from and connecting to allow the required port forwarding to connect to shares. I'd suggest using SSH and tunneling to achieve the file sharing.

    I'd also suggest using Sharepoints (to share the drive) and a DynDNS account to allow you to monitor the internet IP of the mac mini. Then use SSH Tunnel Manager to create the "SSH Tunnels" for secure file sharing.

    Each piece I've mentioned has info on how tho use the products on their websites.

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