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    Question Intermittent Online Connection
    I have a new Linksys WRT150N (v1.1) router that I am using wirelessly with a Macbook Pro 2.4GHz running OS 10.4.11. In the past few hours I have been intermittently unable to connect online. This occurs regardless of where I am using the Macbook in the house.

    My cable provider advised me that my modem is functioning perfectly. In fact, when I am unable to connect wirelessly, I AM able to connect with my other computer (iMac) which has a wired connection. When I wire my Macbook to the router, I can also establish a connection.

    If it is any help, I noticed that the signal strength from the router seems to fluctuate even when my Macbook is in a stationary location.

    Thank you for any help.

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    I think I'm having a similar problem
    My iMac seems to see the Linksys router only erratically and intermittently, while my pc laptop sees it steadily.

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