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Thread: Clueless - network set-up help please

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    Clueless - network set-up help please
    Hi there guys and girls,

    here's my wide-ranging query... I have a Belkin wireless router, an Airport Express, an iBook G4 and a Mini, both with airport cards...

    To date, both Macs can access my wireless network and thence the internet... and both Macs can print wirelessly, through a printer plugged into the Airport Express... both can also stream iTunes through the Express, to hooked-up speakers...

    My question... how do I (or indeed, can I) link the iBook and Mini, so that each can see the other? - ie a proper network, where everything is linked to everything else...

    If anyone could run me through the basic set-up in terms a 4-year-old could understand, that would be great...

    The Belkin is a wireless G ADSL router (ver 1001uk)

    both Macs are running the latest version of Tiger

    both Macs and the Express are linked to my secure home network, created by the Belkin

    Go !!!

    And thanks...
    Where's the right-click button?

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    Sounds like you have everything set up perfectly. All you have to do is set up sharing on both of the macs. just do the following on both and you should be good.

    click on the blue apple in the upper left->system preferences->sharing->and check remote login. once you have done this on both computers you will be able to go to a finder window->network(in the upper left of the finder window). Under network you should see your remote computer on your network. double click on the remote computer and you will be prompted for your username and password(make sure you are using the username and password of the remote computer). Once you are connected this will give you a new icon on the left side of your finder window. this will let you "see" your remote computer. you will have full access to everything.

    if you need more hep just post here.

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    Just to add it sounds like you want to be able to access each computers files from another. I would go to sharing and checkmark the "File Sharing" box and this will allow each mac to see the other macs home folder. If your running Leopard its even easier to set permissions for the folders. Good luck.

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    Well now...

    First of all, thanks for the advice - I would never have checked anything that said remote login, as I would have assumed that was for accessing networks over the net, when away from base...

    So, anyway... I checked remote login, file sharing and printer sharing on both the Mini and the iBook...

    The Mini then allowed me to see my iBook and mount the HD as a volume (whatever that means) so that I could see the files in the iBook from the Mini...

    but the iBook refused to play ball at all...

    I will turn everything off on both and then restart them, before I start again...

    Is there a way of putting an icon on the desktop for the other computer, rather like the HD icon that is normally there?
    Where's the right-click button?

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