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    network through multiple routers
    Im trying to get my mac to find my home network (pc based). My current setup is as follows isp->modem->wireless router 1-> wireless router 2 (hardwired to router 1). When im close enough to use wireless router 1 my mac automatically finds and is able to connect to my network allowing me to access files, print, etc. However, as soon as I move out of range and need to switch over to my other router (2) my mac is not able to find the network even though the router im connected to is hardwired to the router that allows me to connect to the network. Does anyone know of a router setting or something that will allow me to gain access to my first router through my 2nd? Using access points really isn't an option because it would take about 3 to make it to where I need to be.

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    i think the second router should change to work in bridge mode..?just guest

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