I have a 3 month old MacBook (Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger) and I use a UT Starcomm modem provided by my ISP for my DSL connection. The problem is that the connection drops quite frequently. This is even after I have unchecked the PPPoE Session option "Disconnect if idle for more than -- minutes". In the Advanced Options section I have let the one that says "Send PPP echo packets" remain checked because I do not know exactly what that means.

Also, I'm unable to upload anything. I cannot even send emails with attachments. The speed tests on DSL Reports, Speedtest.Net, etc show only my download speed because they are unable to test and give me my upload speed.

My ISP says there are no compatibility problems at their end- if I am able to use their internet connection then I should be able to do everything that a Windows system is capable of.

When I use the same modem with my Windows notebook (running on WinXP) there are no such problems-no frequent line drops or upload problems.

I'm planning to use a different modem/router other than the one provided by my ISP. But until then or other than that is there something very basic that I'm not doing?

Also, how do I configure to redial and reconnect when/if the connection drops?

This is my first experience with Mac OS (I have never had or used a Mac before Tiger) and I hope folks here will be able to help me.

Best Regards