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Thread: Network continually dropping out

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    Apr 21, 2007
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    Network continually dropping out
    Since I installed Leopard this afternoon, my network/internet (using AirPort) is constantly losing it's connection to the router. To fix it (temporarily) all I have to do is turn AirPort off and back on again and it instantly connects... which wouldn't be so bad except it happens almost every 10 minutes! It's very frustrating...

    Can someone tell me what's going on and/or how to fix this?
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    Feb 09, 2005
    What version is the firmware?

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    My Leopard continually drops during downloads, but not during simultaneous surfing - what gives?

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    Mine drops every now and then as well... seems to be without rhyme or reason as far as I can tell...

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    I'm sure there will be an update soon.

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    Mine wasn't dropping completely out but the signal would go to extreme ups and downs. I up-dated my firmware and changed the channel and all is fine now.

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