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    Mac to wireless access
    Having trouble connecting a new mac to an existing wireless connection. IP has not been very helpful and doesn't deal with Mac computers apparently. I have a laptop that works perfectly fine and others have connected before easily. Is there some reason why the Mac won't work? Would appreciate some help as not particularly IT minded. Have checked the spec on the internet and it is on the right bandwidth.

    Thanks in advance


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    Some ISP have modems/routers that don't connect to Mac computers. Call your ISP... Good luck!
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    I had an issue once with the WEP configuration...I don't know much about it but I know I had to run on something other than WEP...I would suggest calling your router manufacturer and ask them about your mac configurations and if it is compatible....
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    make sure it is compatable with you current router and also make sure you spelled the password correctly

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