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    Bridging on a Mac
    I've been connecting to Xbox Live on my Xbox 360 through my MacBook pro, as my flat has a wireless network and my Xbox 360 uses my laptop's wireless card to connect.

    I have a BT Homehub and the NAT settings are set to strict - I want it to be set to open for speed of finding players and to make sure there are no strange problems during games.

    I refer to THIS article.

    It says, "Please note these instructions will NOT give you an Open NAT if you are connecting the Xbox to a wireless PC/Laptop and using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).

    You must be connected direct to the Homehub via ethernet or wireless, if you connect to a PC you must use Bridging."

    I posted a topic on the xbox website but nobody knows what the Mac equivalent of bridging is. Can someone please tell me how to do it so I can set my NAT to "open"?

    Thank you!

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    My guess is Apple omits this feature so that you'll buy an Airport Express or AP Extreme. There isn't even the option for WPA or WPA2 for security, just WEP.

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