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    Dec 24, 2006
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    WIFI Woes on downloads
    Guys/Gals advice appreciated.

    Since I upgraded to Leopard my downloads (via WIFI) keep stopping before the file is completely downloaded (even though im receiving a full signal). Why would this be happening?

    Im usually surfing at the same time, and the web pages all load properly, its just the downloads that do this.

    The only change has been Leopard. Laptop is located in the exact same place as it was when i was running Tiger which never dropped a download!

    I have even tried bringing the laptop right beside the router (to eliminate the possibility of a weak signal).

    Streaming audio at the same time as a failed download, continues to play without a hitch

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    Dec 24, 2006
    N. Ireland
    Mac Pro 2xQuad core 2.8GHZ
    FTP will download large files without dropping a connection, its only happening with downloads from Safari

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