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    Finder Window Quits on Browsing SMB Share
    I have MacBook Pro with 10.4.10 and notice that often when I connect to a local windows server smb share via its \\ip.address\share it will happily authenticate and let me in but after browsing for a few folders of depth the finder window simply quits and leaves me having to make the share connection again.

    any ideas on this - I have only done rudimentary searching and getting poor leads so I thought I'd ask straight out.


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    I had problems with finder closing, but not uniquely with one programme. There is a bug in stuffit which affects finder, so if you have stuffit installed try this.


    I suggest removing all together.

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    Nov 01, 2007
    good lead, thank you for that unfortunately I don't use stuffit and am trying to get my head around when and why the browse quits.

    i suspect it is smb/samba related and perhaps something to do with the authentication at the windows end - permisisions or something because they are set to be quite permissive but not by ad or anything.

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