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Thread: connecting HP LJ4000 to intel imac

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    Question connecting HP LJ4000 to intel imac

    sorry if this is in the wrong place, but as i intend to attempt an ethernet connection i thought this was an appropriate place to post.

    in a nutshell, i have acquired a second hand LJ4000 printer, which has ethernet (RJ45) and parallel connections - no usb.

    obviously, the mac has no parallel port.

    I am running a wireless network already with the router in the living room and the mac upstairs - i would like the printer to be with the mac.

    can i simply hook the printer to the mac via ethernet cable, or do i need to somehow hook it to a wireless card or access point and access via the router?

    thanks to anyone who can answer this possibly stupid question!

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    Closer than you think.
    Plug the printer's ethernet port into the router. Then give the printer a manual IP address outside the routers DHCP scope.

    ie - router dhcp scope =
    assing the printer or higher

    use printer setup utility to add an IP printer with the printers IP and select the correct driver.

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